When frauds make stories that make us human

Fraud. The word bounced on and off the conference walls with each new speaker, somehow. It was this spoken rule that’s all a joke. No matter what one may think at a certain time or place, the impostor syndrome will kick in.

But this doesn’t make much sense, right?It was a cold and gloomy Friday morning. Then a cosy Friday afternoon. And then a way too early, but most definitely worth it Saturday. The Power of Storytelling was in full gear. I remembered the first time I experienced it, in 2012, and I could still feel the urge to write, the fever rushing through my brain and fingertips. I was convinced that this edition, #Story15, would be just as demanding. I did know what I was getting into, and yet I didn’t…

I always felt like I wasn’t good enough, like I had to constantly prove myself. I always felt like a fraud. But hearing Jacqui Banaszynski, Chris Jones, Robert Krulwich say it out loud, laugh about it, dissect it, recreate it, made it all so real, and palpable, and human.

I still feel like it, no worries. But I also feel more human. And I believe and forgive myself for it. After two days of life-changing stories, while laughing and crying just as hard, most of the times in tandem, I was reminded that it’s all about being human. The stories we write, we tell ourselves or others, we invent and we deliver, we observe and we ignite, all live in and for our humanity. Because that is the lense that we should always carry with ourselves, no matter the context, no matter the burden.

Not the pre-made or ready-made story, but the one we truly see, and hear, and taste, and maybe bleed for. As that is the one that sheds light to another side of another truth. As that is the one that keeps us growing and makes us, once more, human.

(first published on Medium.com, here)

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