A Freelancer’s Listicle For Gloomy Days

…as written on LinkedIn Pulse.

1. On finding clients

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on the life of a freelancer, trying to better grasp the process. And then I bumped into this. @Paul Jarvis is a treasure, for sure.

2. A piece of advice

You really need to learn to manage yourself (myself included, I’m always learning) and coach your clients. All the time. No shortcuts, no excuses.

3. On valuable work

There’s a lot of talk on finding your passion, doing what you love, yadda-yadda. But I believe this TED Talk is on the spot. It’s about doing the valuable, the meaningful work. That’s where true passion ignites.

4. Nothing compares to you…

Stop with the comparisons, please. The only thing you need to get ahead of is yourself. The better you. Fight your limits, not your peers. Maria Popova says it perfectly.

5. Find your voice

This lady here is truly inspirational. It’s all about being authentic in your business, in your life, all in all.

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