Sunday’s best #2 – On content marketing

The world (aka Internet) is full of listicles and curated newsletters, so why not join the fun? I decided to post a bunch of content on various topics each Sunday, for you to enjoy, share, digest or ignore:) Here’s the first one if you missed it Sunday’s best #1

So, for this edition I decided to focus on content marketing readings, as they take up almost all of my time:

  • A great read on the principles of persuasion and how to apply them in your content marketing mix, by none other than Neil Patel. Use with caution, though.
  • A long and thorough article on what a buyer persona is, why it matters, and how to gather the data. Here.
  • Trending right now in the vastness of Internet? You have to always stay informed and up to date, right?
  • What is content without the writing bit? Here’s 10 tips on better writing or writing better from David Ogilvy.
  • You can get inspired on landing pages here. We all need some creative (re)touches from time to time.

Let me know what you think about this selection in the comments section. Would love to hear from you:)

If you like it, don’t be shy and share away. You never know who you might be helping on the way.

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