The principles behind your story: On brands, storytelling and online persuasion

A couple of days ago I was invited to a press screening for a dramatic love story that I knew wasn’t necessarily my cup of tea. I already had some idea about it and even knew how it was going to end, so I didn’t expect much. Yet 2 hours passed without me noticing or having my mind wonder anywhere else. The story still haunts me now. I keep having flashbacks on different scenes and all these questions about life and death keep popping in my head. It didn’t just surpass my expectations, it completely hooked me, made me empathize and feel for the characters, it made me strongly feel what they were feeling.

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Finding your voice or content marketing 101?

This seems like common sense advice, right? You need to find your voice. That authentic, inner stuff that makes you, well, you. But how exactly do you do that?


easier said than done, no?

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