Sunday’s best #1

The world (aka Internet) is full of listicles and curated newsletters, so why not join the fun? I decided to post a bunch of content on various topics each Sunday, for you to enjoy, share, digest or ignore 🙂

Here it goes:

  • Farnam Street Blog has a great read on creativity boosting and Warren Berger’s process of questioning systems, disrupting familiar ways of thinking and finding new “whys”
  • Do you know why reading evolved along with eating metaphors? From digesting to devouring, here’s an interesting bit.
  • Hormones, loneliness and evolution. Curious how they relate to one another? Well, they kept us alive for so long…
  • The talk on passion and doing what you love has so many perspectives, it’s never as easy or straightforward as it sounds. Just read this article.

Let me know what you think about this first selection in the comments section. Would love to hear from you 🙂

If you like it, don’t be shy and share away. You never know who you might be helping on the way.

The principles behind your story: On brands, storytelling and online persuasion

A couple of days ago I was invited to a press screening for a dramatic love story that I knew wasn’t necessarily my cup of tea. I already had some idea about it and even knew how it was going to end, so I didn’t expect much. Yet 2 hours passed without me noticing or having my mind wonder anywhere else. The story still haunts me now. I keep having flashbacks on different scenes and all these questions about life and death keep popping in my head. It didn’t just surpass my expectations, it completely hooked me, made me empathize and feel for the characters, it made me strongly feel what they were feeling.

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