Let’s see what it feels like to work with me:)

Working with Alice was a constant brainstorming journey, as she dedicated her professionalism and creativity in identifying the right image and tone of voice for us. She managed to preserve the technical language and translate it in a human way, as well. It was both a challenge and a learning experience, so we gladly recommend her!

SDA Medical

I met Alice in 2007 and since then we have worked together in different professionals settings. She is a constant inspiration, always trying to learn more, and to break her boundaries. I have always been impressed by the joyful combination between a strategic mind and a witty creativeness that she brings to the table. It’s always a pleasure to work and learn from her!

Ioana Traista

It’s hard to lose your enthusiasm or energy when collaborating with Alice. She is very dedicated, always cheerful and proactive, while keeping up with the latest in social media communications and what makes campaigns successful.


Calea Victoriei Foundation

Are you in a crisis and you don’t have enough time for your event? Call Alice! And leave all the social media stuff to her!

Now really, jokes aside, get in touch with Alice if you want to work with someone who is both involved and ingenious, and who can offer the “outside” view even when she is in the middle of the event. And with whom, thank God!, you can communicate in a normal and natural way as she knows everything by the book.

Case in point: a book fair organized in half the normal time required for such an event. Result: the best edition so far.

http://www.bookblog.ro | http://www.finalfrontier.ro

Andreea Chebac, Bookblog.ro

I loved every moment of working with Alice, because she has a rare mix of youth and profoundness. For me, what’s most important is to work with a competent specialist (content and digital marketing), who is also a person with reason & common sense, freshness and optimism. Her multisideness and diverse passions bring forth a complex and exciting perspective in every aspect at hand.


Dragos Nicolaescu, Lifestyle Business Mentor